I can't do this without your help.
Here are three things you can do:



Many people decide who to vote for based on what they hear from folks they know and trust.  If you are not already listed as an supporter on the Backers page and you would like to become an endorser, click below.


 If you live or work in a place where Boulder voters frequently pass and you are willing to post a yard sign, click below to send us your request.  We'll start delivering yard signs around Labor Day.


You may contribute up to $100 to help fund the expenses of the campaign, like yard signs, campaign literature, and advertisements.  Just two things:

  • Under city law, no person may contribute more than $100. A couple may contribute $100 each, provided they do so separately. You may contribute even if you aren't registered to vote in Boulder.

  • Please, no contributions from companies, partnerships, corporations, or LLCs. I'm accepting contributions from human beings only.

You can contribute by mailing a check to:  Bob Yates for Council, 3820 Cloverleaf Dr, Boulder, 80304
Or by clicking on this PayPal button and contributing online:


Thank you for your support!