Nice things folks have said

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“I have found Bob Yates to be thoughtful, knowledgeable, diligent, honest, and responsive. If asked to supply a model of good public service, I would point to Bob and say, ‘Do what he does and you will serve your community well.’” —Jules Levinson

“Bob has been the voice of reason on the city council since he was elected. We need more Bobs.” —Cindy Sepucha

“A great counsel member who constantly reaches out to constituents.” —Joe de Raismes

“As a former member of Boulder City Council, I know the challenges of balancing short term and long term interests. Bob listens and studies and seems to always promote ideas that benefit all of Boulder for the long term. I'm glad Boulder has him on our City Council.” —DeAnne Butterfield

“On all important, divided council votes, he has been on the right side. And his policy initiatives are well reasoned.” —Rick Collins

“Bob brings a wealth of legal and business experience to the City Council and works hard to learn about issues and listen to the community. While we may differ on some issues, I appreciate his dedication to the work of being on City Council.” —Michelle Krezek

“He's a hard-working, smart, thoughtful, contributing citizen of our dear berg. We need him on the Council.” —Bob Morehouse

“I admire his intellect. He has an open door and an open mind and that is unique to him.” —Molly Davis

“I appreciate your reasoned explanations ‘What was I thinking?’ that explain your positions and votes on city council issues. I wish that more elected leaders would look at more data and think more thoughtfully about issues. We need more ‘big picture’ thinkers and fewer ‘single issue’ advocates. Thanks for your service!” —Laurie Albright

“While I may not agree with all of Bob's positions, he still embodies all the qualities that I value in a representative: he listens, not just to hear but to understand, he seeks out diverse perspectives before voting, he has a strong moral compass, he is highly creative and strategic and brings fresh ideas to his role, and he is genuinely a really great guy. We need Bob and more people like him on our Council!” —Essrea Charin

“Bob is a pragmatic leader with a focus on results. While other council members are pushing aspirational agendas, Bob is focusing on real issue faced by our community - like affordability, improving parks and open space, and managing our city budget. Bob also engages directly with constituents when we ask questions.” —Douglas Hamilton

“Has done a lot for the community. Weighs facts carefully. Supports the ARTS!” —Jessie Friedman

"Bob Yates has been a forward-looking and fiscally responsible member of Boulder City Council. In a time of rhetoric, posturing and partisanship, Bob always provides thoughtful, factual, civil commentary and analysis in his public comments and excellent e-newsletter. His views on our highly charged development and traffic issues are practical and reasonable. Bob has progressive and inclusive ideas to shape Boulder's future. I hope voters will reward his hard work with a second term." —Michael Leccese

“You are the very model of excellence in public service.” —Priscilla Corielle

“Because he is a mentsch!” —Rabbi Marc Soloway

“Bob has been a thoughtful and solid leader on transportation issues, pushing back on "business as usual" to implement wiser choices for a broad range of transportation options. Transportation is one of our largest sources of carbon emissions, and it's important to have people on City Council who have courage and are willing to be bold.” —Jennifer Shriver

“I am honored to endorse Bob Yates to be re-elected to Boulder City Council, as he is one of the few voices of moderation, reason and fiscal responsibility.” —Burton McKenzie

“He is a voice of reason on the council.” —Charlene Coutre

“Bob has been consistent in his research and knowledge on issues. Many I know look forward to his newsletters to learn details of upcoming council decisions and see his opinions as reasonable and intelligent.” —Bev Pogreba

“It is so refreshing to have a council member that communicates with his constituents. Bob brings a common sense approach to governing our city. I just hope we can elect additional and compatible council members to join him to bring back moderate governance to our community. I am so very tired of extremism.” —Stephen Sparn

“Bob doesn’t lose his mind or his respectful manner when discussing issues with others that disagree with his perspective. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and generous with his time and consistent and dependable in his leadership roles. He’s invested in his community. Bob walks the fine lines between the different groups in Boulder authentically, trying to find a solution to our complicated issues.” —Valerie Soraci

“I think you are doing an incredible job supporting Boulder, and we are lucky to have you on the Council.” —Howard Diamond

“Among other reasons, if you agree that the arts are an essential ingredient of a thriving community, then Bob needs to remain on City Council. He has been a tireless advocate since he was first elected.” —Charlotte LaSasso

“We need you!” —Shawn Coleman

“Your impact is immeasurable.” —Dana James

“You have done a great job and I thank you for being willing to serve.” —Stan Garnett

“Bob makes sound decisions based on solid reasoning. He listens to and communicates with his constituents.” —Renée Beshures

“A voice of reason. You may not always like how he votes, but you will always understand why, and if you don't agree, he will always listen. His newsletters are my main remaining lifeline to City politics.” —Joseph de Raismes

“You and your voice and your smarts and sensibility are needed on our city council.” —Caroline Landry

“I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your independence. I’m happy you’re on City Council.” —Nick Forster

“You listen to constituents and do your best to move forward important issues. You have my support Bob!” —Neshama Abraham

“I appreciate your work and pragmatic support for both the business and LGBTQ community.” —Scott Beard

“Common sense guy who does his homework and seeks practical solutions.” —Jean Friedberg

“Considered. Thoughtful. Sincere. Pleasant. Effective. What more can we ask for? We're lucky to have Bob looking out for us all, here in Boulder, Colorado!” —Joshua Taxman

“I appreciate that Bob thinks through the issues carefully and communicates his positions thoroughly. He brings a practical, thoughtful approach to the council.” —Donna Coleville

“Bob approaches city issues with practical and balanced solutions.” —Peter Wayne

“Common sense isn’t common enough. Bob brings lots of it.” —Gail Promboin

“I endorse Bob because he thinks all the way through, various possible solutions to posed problems and selects a solution based on actual costs and benefits and not just what seems popular. I endorse Bob because he stands up for what he believes, even if it is not popular. I endorse Bob because he deeply wants to keep Boulder a great place to live.” —Alan Bernstein

“Bob is fair, transparent, sees the big picture, and knows how to get things done--the perfect combination for effective City Council leadership.” —Melissa Fathman

“Bob is a voice of reason on the city council. On important matters such as municipalization of the electric utility, Bob is the only member of council who understands the importance of working with Xcel Energy to help solve the climate crisis. He has taken a courageous stand in helping move the city back to a path where the focus is on reducing carbon emissions. Bob is the man.” —John Gress

“Bob's thoughtful leadership includes an important moral community ethic. He took the high road to vote for the Attention Homes homeless youth project downtown that will be a living legacy of us taking care of our least fortunate.” —Morey Bean

“We need Bob’s level headed thinking.” —Madelyn Wynne

“Please keep up the great work.” —Scott Holton

“We all benefit immensely from having Bob on the city council. He brings original and forward-looking perspectives to the issues that are important to us all of us.” —Cate Lawrence

“Thank you for being a thoughtful, well informed, independent voice.” —Mark Heinritz

“He is smart and has a lot of common sense.” —Betty Hoye

“Thoughtful, responsible, long-term perspective, curious, open-minded.” —William Shutkin

“I appreciate that Bob is consistently clear and rational on the issues facing our community.” —Felicia Furman

“I appreciate Bob openness about his thinking on the issues and his realistic assessment of the municipalization efforts.” —Jim Koczela

“Bob is a pragmatist who does well at balancing the political differences that play out in Boulder’s sky rocketing real estate market and those who need support to survive in Colorado’s changing economy.” —Maud Huey Kenyon

“I think you’ve done, and continue to do, a superb job.  In my mind you’re far and away the best council person we have.” —John Hill

“Thanks Bob for all your support and hard work. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns. Lastly thank you for your communication to the people and why you do things.” —Sally Eckert

“I have found Bob to be a thoughtful, practical voice on the city council. He is genuinely interested in decision making that will have a positive impact on the residents of Boulder. He considers not only what is currently needed but what will have positive impacts on Boulder in the years to come. Decisions have consequences and Bob considers those as he makes each decision.” —Suzanne Hoover

“A good man with the community’s best interests at heart.” —Paul Cure

“Bob brings balance to the city council. I think it's healthy for the council to hear views from the "other side." Maybe I don't always agree with him, but he raises issues that need to be addressed.” —Delma Oberbeck

“Bob is a proponent of common sense solutions to the problems facing Boulder and has been a great supporter of the needs of the community as a whole and in particular for individuals with developmental disabilities.” —Andy Minden

“A steady, informed, knowledgeable voice on council.” —Shawn Rodda

“I value the broad context and sound critical thinking Bob Yates brings to the council. His regular publication, The Boulder Bulletin, is informative and makes his decisions transparent. Whether or not I always agree with Bob's position, I know why he made it and what information he used to help him get there. Bob is a responsible and smart representative of the community.” — Brian Coppom

“Thank you for your service to the community! I know it is a huge challenge and time commitment.” —Susan Graf

“I have been impressed with Bob's willingness to listen and advocate for downtown businesses, the arts scene and rally community support for causes such as ‘Rainbows Over Pearl.’ It's clear to me that he is dedicated to helping move our amazing city forward for both residents and businesses in a responsible way.” —Gannon Hartnett

“Bob is a smart and effective representative of the citizens of Boulder. He listens and works hard for what is best for our wonderful community.” —Jancy Campbell

“Thoughtful, analytical, and reasonable representative for the people of Boulder trying to steer the city measurably into its future.” —John Driver

“Bob has done an excellent job of communicating to the public regarding council votes and his position on those issues. He listens to input from Boulder residents and makes well considered decisions.” —Jane Imber

“He has a vision for how to make Boulder more inclusive and affordable.” —David Scott

“No one else sends me CLEAR, easy-to-understand reports on the issues Council deals with. No one else approaches these issues in the same common-sense practical way Bob does. He is extremely balanced, he tries to see both sides and presents them, also. Finally, I agree with his positions. You can tell he cares about the city, the people who live here and its culture and heritage.” —Jane Houssiere

“Bob has tremendous insight into the often complex issues with which City Council has to contend, and he communicates this information to the residents of Boulder via his frequent e-mailings. He is transparent with his views and opinions and presents his case logically. It is our fortune that Bob is on the Council to be a voice of maturity and true respect to all the people of Boulder rather than to ideologies.” —Joseph Friedman

“I think he is very thought-full in assessing issues and what will benefit the community.” —Kim Boston

“A rare proponent of reasoned judgement and municipal sanity who looks beyond the knee-jerk ‘issue of the day.’ Unlike too many Council members, Bob doesn't appear to have a personal agenda. His agenda is what's best for the community at large. Sad there are not more who are willing to give time and energy to the community without extracting compromises. Uniquely qualified, proven rational thinking, who exhibits no reticence to puncture the Boulder bubble in favor of adult decision making.” —Robert Myers

“Bob has proven himself as a thoughtful and well informed member of council. As a former businessman, he is able understand the economics of our City. He interacts with residents and other members of Council in a respectful manner and always responds when you get in touch with him on an issue. He digs into the issues to present a reasoned approach.
We are lucky to have him!” —Kimberly Lord

“It is a pleasure to endorse Bob Yates for city council or for any other office he may aspire to. Bob provides leadership that is dedicated, balanced and sensible. I especially like his thoughtful monthly bulletins and the user-friendly access he provides to all of his constituents.” —Carl Nelson

“Bob makes smart and informed decisions. His newsletter is honest and I appreciate understanding his views.” —Mary Kay Stoehr

“Bob is the independent thinker and voice of reason we need on city council.” —Jon Carroll

“Clarity and transparency but, above all, his sense of urgency on CU South.” —Kelly Murphy

“Bob thinks conservatively and, in particular, Bob’s view on the Muni mess is refreshing.” —John Gustavson

“Bob is practical, available and keeps constituents informed with his user friendly monthly newsletter that includes links to why he voted as he did on each issue. Given that council members are elected at large, Bob is a lifeline for what is going on and someone to contact.” —Caren Philips

“A voice of sanity on the City Council.” —Mark Siegal

“As a proud Democrat, and proud Boulder resident, I'm happy to endorse Bob. His clear analysis and thoughtful positions on the issues that matter to Boulder have won me over.” —Kathy Spear

“I strongly believe we need more of the tempered, thoughtful, fiscally minded approach he brings to the table.” —Joe Harding

“I don't agree with Bob 15% of the time, but always appreciate his thoughtful explanations about why he takes the positions he takes.” —Marsha Caplan

“Bob is exceptionally intelligent and possesses an abundant amount of common sense. He’s often the voice of reason when our City Council faces highly important and strategic matters. Our City of Boulder and region are well served by Bob!” —Gerry Agnes

“Bob is a supporter of the arts, and has helped make change on the City Council that has led to more funding for non-profit arts organizations in Boulder.” —Kathy Beeck

“Voice of reason in a burgeoning community.” —(Pasta) Jay Elowsky

“I find Bob to be a person who is willing to explore and understand the depth of each individual issue. Bob is willing to both fight for what he believes in and at the same time be open to alternative ideas if they can be justified. I think that’s a unique set of qualities for a boulder city council member.” —Andy Bush

“Bob's ongoing support of Boulder arts and culture has helped create a cultural landscape for Boulder to be proud of. This year his ‘Rainbows Over Pearl' initiative gave an inspirational level of visibility to Pride in Boulder.” —Emily Zinn

“Great policy analysis and communication skills. Good policy judgement, thoughtful and balanced.” —Richard Goldman

“Great communicator with the public. Love the newsletter.” —Arlene Blewitt

“Bob has a fair, balanced and well-reasoned approach to his decision making. Moreover, he's able to clearly articulate this process, which is the best way to build confidence in government.” —Michael Belochi

“Bob has been a thoughtful voice of reason on a council that has been far too reactionary.” — Doyle Albee

“Bob has the intellect and energy that make him an ideal city council representative. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Bob over the last four or five years and it’s always a pleasure when our paths cross at city council functions and at CU Boulder’s Conference on World Affairs, where he also manages a leadership position.” —Bette Erickson, Mayor Pro Tem, City and County of Broomfield

“Bob seems fair and generally consistent on making good decisions. He appears to be able to work well with others in council and is open to sharing his opinions in his monthly news letter. I very much enjoy the news letter and whenever I agree or disagree on an issue with Bob, he is always willing to answer back amazingly fast. Bob is a very good and thoughtful councilman and I would like him to continue as a councilman.” —G. Ford Craig

“I know Bob to be a very thoughtful and level headed thinker.” —Penny Hannegan

“I believe he has thoughtful and progressive, yet realistic views on the key issues, including municipalization, open space, and development.” — Mark Detsky

“Appreciated his monthly bulletins sharing thoughts, especially on ballot measures, the muni and the inclusion of facts in making a decision. He was one of two council members who took the time to respond to my emails about a neighborhood issue.” —Mary Lynne Hixson

“I find Bob refreshingly real voice on city consul. In my limited experience dealing with him he has been consistent both in speech and action, and does an excellent job of communicating!” — Michael Hilliker

“He was willing to work with North Boulder residents to hear their concerns about the SVP population in Boulder. I appreciate his willingness to listen to residents and address their concerns.” —Jacqueline Jones

“Bob comes to our Boulder City Council with impressive experience and provides a well thought out and balanced approach to each decision and vote.” —Steve Dundorf

“Bob is the most sensible and least dogmatic member of the Council. I trust him to consider all the stakeholders in an issue. And I find his monthly newsletter an invaluable way to get information, context and perspective on issues that come before the Council.” —Jennifer Peters Johnson

“Bob is our ‘common sense’ voice on the Council.” —Bill LeBlanc

“I love Bob's newsletters that explain the issues and why he voted they way he did. He has always been responsive to my questions/comments.” —Annette Kissinger

“As a small local business owner I support Bob. I've found him to be level headed and thoughtful. He doesn't get carried away with the latest fads and thereby making rash decisions so often seen by our other counsel members. He has a good grasp of what's important and knows local small business are the backbone of our economy.” —Bill Bender, Independent Motors

“I find him to be fair, thoughtful and well-informed on any of the issues facing city council. He is transparent and I appreciate his communication and outreach. I am very happy to endorse Bob for 4 more years.” —Irene Shaffer

“Bob is very knowledgeable, experienced, sensible and fair. He has a good understanding of issues related to the needs of business in Boulder (which is a rare voice on Council) as well as most of the other issues that we all care about.” — David Biek

“I appreciate the newsletters and Bob's efforts to connect with the people in Boulder in addition to the time he devotes to City Council service.” —Judy Williams

“He is a voice of reason. And hopefully will advocate for neighborhood input as far as preserving integrity and status of RR and RE lots. In addition we appreciate Bob’s support of Pride.” — Dennis Beck

“Bob has been an excellent council member. He is rational and reasonable and thinks things through. We need him back on City Council.” —Marietta Riggle

“Bob Yates has been a great asset on Boulder’s City Council. He has tirelessly advocated for measures that have made material improvements to the quality of life in Boulder. His work on getting the Community Culture and Safety measure placed on the ballot is a case and point. We’re fortunate to have the dedication and insight that Bob Yates brings to City Council. I'll be voting for him again.” —Bob Crifasi

“I've appreciated his monthly updates, his availability to meet on issues, particularly flood mitigation for South Boulder, and his responsiveness to communications.” —Patricia Carden

“Bob engages the community and students while looking to develop both. He thinks about his decisions. He is willing to discuss his viewpoints on any issue.” —Steve Hlavac

“It's really nice to have someone in our government whom it's easy to communicate with and who's open to how we, those of us who're represented, actually feel about issues.” —Peggy Sands

“Bob can do math. Seems glib and simple, but over and over he as demonstrated an ability to critically review an issue when others are driven by non-critical emotions or good intentions gone awry. It is so nice to have at least one lawyer on city council.” —Patrick Murphy

“Bob loves his job being a City Councipersonl. He's good at it. He a great communicator. He gives us objective, timely information that we need to be informed citizens. He looks at the big picture and the long-term. He thinks about our future, and acts on it with sustainable strategies, with a good heart.” —Peggy Wrenn

“I have really appreciated your hard work on Council, especially your monthly newsletter that provided a timely and clear picture of the workings of our city government.” —Tim Downing

“I endorse Bob because he has proven himselft to be a strong supporter of non-profit arts organizations in Boulder. We will all benefit greatly from having him on City Council!” —Robin Beeck

“I believe that Bob Yates is our most effective Boulder City Counselor. He is extremely well informed, he is balanced in his views, he is articulate, he is very smart, and he is invariably a voice of reason and common sense no matter what the issue is. Moreover his monthly written reviews are both informative and brilliant!” —Bud Sorenson

“Bob is responsive and as a Boulder Arts Commission panelist I am aware of the City Council's accomplishments and admire all of Bob's efforts.” —Belgin Yucelen

“It is his dedication, both on the Council and all the other ways he contributes to our community, that makes him a great steward for everyone in Boulder.” —Chuck Hunker

“I support Bob because of his thoughtful approach to issues facing Boulder.” —Mike Dorsey

“This is a no-brainer. Bob is honest, balanced, committed, experienced, smart, and a great communicator. He's a great asset to our community!” —Charlene Hoffman

“He has a common sense approach that respects our individual liberties as well as the needs of the community we all share. He is transparent in his duties and gives detailed explanations of every vote and decision. He always has the best interests of our community at heart. I am proud to give my full support to Bob for his reelection effort.” —Duncan Coker

“Bob is an experienced council member. He listens and is sensitive to community needs, and gives back to the community!” —Daisy Sargoussi

“Boulder is blessed to have such a dedicated and well grounded public servant as Bob Yates.” —Grant Couch

“Let’s keep voices of sanity on the City Council.” —Carole Gustavson

“Bob has always provided sounds well-reasoned decisions. He is a true leader in the community and cares deeply for the citizens.” —Don Cote

“Bob is without a doubt the most articulate, nuanced, communicative, responsive, reasonable, thoughtful, and dedicated politician I've ever seen. Read his monthly Boulder Bulletin and see for yourself that he is a rare breath of fresh-air. A real person that is actually rational, honest, collaborative and sincere in politics? Unheard of. Our family wholeheartedly endorse you Bob! And thank you for all your service to our community over the years. I've never had a politician provide such thoughtful and consistent updates to all their efforts that isn't just political double-talk. You interact personally with your constituency, you engage deeply and rationally with difficult questions, and you are open to facts and data to make informed decisions. Imagine that! Very grateful that we have you for our community--hopefully for many more years.” —Sara Thrall

“Common sense approach to the challenging and varied issues facing Boulder.” —Mark Meyer

“Bob is the voice of common sense on our City Council.” —Gail & Mike Shimmin

“I like Bob's thoughtfulness on the issues and sharing his views on the best direction for Boulder.” —David Curtis

“Bob is insightful, reasonable, dedicated and smart.” —Louise Pearson

“Seriously, an incredibly responsive councilperson interested in contributing to a better Boulder. I strongly endorse Bob and hope you will help him to get re-elected.” —Tom Cross

“He has years of leadership experience, is a great father, husband, and friend, and I trust Bob to make good decisions that are beneficial for all of the Boulder voters.” —Jonathan Hager

“I always have had confidence that Bob Yates will approach fairly and intelligently issues of importance for Boulder residents.” —Joe Howard

“Bob is one of the most thoughtful, hard-working and effective citizens of Boulder. He is excellent at rationally considering issues, listening to dissenting opinions and engaging the community in a positive, open conversation that is solution oriented. Boulder is extremely lucky to have an advocate like Bob Yates devote so much of his time to our community.” —Donovan Greene

“He is a conscientious advocate for Boulder and, as a positive force on the city council, he has earned my vote for re-election.” —Scott Malan

“I am in agreement with many of his positions but especially his opposition to the electric muni as it is not the most effective way for Boulder to be a national leader in the development of clean energy for our future. In my opinion, it has been hugely wasteful of city funds with huge cost overruns that could have been more effectively spent for other pressing needs and actually delayed transition to Xcel's alternative energy production. Bob's thoughtful analysis and communication with citizens, even on positions I might not agree with, shows respect for the community.” -Sara Mitton

“I appreciate his transparency and his news letters informing us about his votes and reasoning.” —Ford Magden

“Bob has a thoughtful, common-sense approach while balancing the realpolitik of the Boulder community.” —Darren Kelly

“Good smart commonsense for our community.” —Mary Street

“Bob plays an important role on the city council when we face so many challenging decisions. Bob's life experiences combined with his thoughtful nature add greatly to our community governance process. We are lucky to have him and I hope we have many more years of his generous community service.” —Doug Greene

“Bob is straight forward, hard working and a pleasure to work with. He's practical and reasonable. Want people with these characteristics on our city council.” —Andy Franklin

“I cherish Bob's openness, accessibility, and honesty. I believe Bob's perspective is an important addition to Council's internal deliberations and decision making process.” —Peter Ornstein

“He is a fiscal conservative who has spoken loud and clear about the City's out-of-control spending. He is a lawyer and businessman who does his homework. We need more citizens serving on the City Council who are pragmatic about the issues and vote accordingly.” —Richard Tucker

“Deep experience. Analytical. Common sense and practical. Good listener.” —Chet Winter

“He’s one of the great guys!” —Rob Heider

“Bob's commitment to community service and his balanced approach to problems are why I endorse him.” —Kreighton Bieger

“Bob's beliefs match mine. He looks at the rules and regulations and makes his decisions. He does not let the small but loud minority rattle him.” —Stephen Brown

“Common sense, business mind, excellent communication,” —Pete Kelley

“His positions on Boulder issues are soundly reasoned.” —John Richardson

“Bob is very thoughtful and weighs the policy choices available to Council carefully before making a decision. I have never heard him describe any policy decision as "a no brainer," which suggests to me that he takes his responsibilities seriously and respects all views. He is willing to go it alone when necessary on issues facing the city.” —Paul Raab

“As a member of Boulder's Downtown Management Commission, I've followed City Council members' positions on a variety of issues. I'm aligned with Bob on virtually every issue, and hope he is given the opportunity to serve for another term.” —Andrew Niemeyer

“Bob's approach is grounded in reality and informed by tradeoffs in any decision made. I do agree with him more often than not, but would be happy supporting him even if we came to different conclusions.” —Chris Miller

“Bob is a reasonable voice on Council. We need him to be re-elected.” —Joel Smith

“Bob does a great job of engaging everyone in the community as well as his peers on the city council. He provides clear explanations on his positions and votes while also providing is a steady and calm voice that is much needed in Boulder today so that we can bring people together for the betterment of our community and Colorado.” —Shane Pearson

“Bob always communicates what he is thinking. He takes the time to consider issues fully and votes his conscience. Thanks Bob.” —Ian Harrison

“I find Bob to be fair, reasonable, inclusive, open minded, and informed.” —Vern Seieroe

“I like his reasoned and clear approach to complicated city issues and his transparency in accounting for his votes on city council.” —Johannes Rudolph

“Bob's approach or thinking is open & transparent. And he seems to apply an inordinate amount of common sense to reach a decision.” —Mark Schoenhals

“Bob Yates is the rare Boulder City Council Member that understands that effective municipal government requires a laser focus on assisting and improving the lives of Boulderites. He has been willing to go on record with his ideas, and defend them publicly and consistently. That type of integrity has earned my support.” —Richard Russell

“Bob represents a even keeled, intelligent, non-politicized view on the many issues brought before council. His background beyond politics gives him a set of unique experiences that I believe can provide sensible input to the many varied decisions that are made by the council.” —Mark Stevenson

“Clear thinker. Makes good decisions. Communicates well with the voters.” —Tony Smith

“With his regular newsletter he is certainly the most transparent member of council. What a breath of fresh air.” —Mike Short

“Bob is a thoughtful pragmatist with an optimistic worldview and great real-world leadership experience.” —Eric Roza

“He is the most sensible and practical voice on the Council.” —Archibald Smith

“Bob has been a thoughtful voice in his time on Council, and the time he puts into being open with supporters and opponents alike is exemplary. He is a strong advocate for the affordable housing that we so desperately need in our community and looks out for the most vulnerable among us. I strongly support Bob's reelection!” —Eric Gordon

“I appreciate how thoroughly prepared and engaged Bob is on the issues that come before Council and the thoughtfulness that goes into his decisions that affect our city. We need someone on the Council that understands the needs of the business community while respecting the unique culture and quality of life in Boulder. I strongly and enthusiastically endorse Bob for another term.” —Jonathon Warner

“While I do not agree with every decision Bob makes, I have tremendous respect for his decision-making process and his commitment to transparentlly explaining issues and his thought processes with the citizens of Boulder. He is also very receptive and responsive to comments, and I have a great deal of confidence that Bob's decisions are well-considered and not overly influenced by strict idealogical stances. Voting for Bob will be my easiest decision in the upcoming election.” —Michael Whitaker

“The most rational voice on the council.” —Ed Zucker

“Bob is reasonable and thoughtful in his decisions. I also greatly appreciate all the time he spends informing community members on the facts and reasoning behind his decisions. Having Bob on City Council is a huge asset for everyone in our community.” —Michael Wussow

“He takes a balanced and logical approach to issues.” —David Smith

“Bob is the council member that I can rely on to think through the complex issues.” —Richard Rohr

“Bob thoroughly researches Council subjects and thoughtfully explains the reasons for his positions. He brings business experience to bear on Boulder's issue. All of this comes with an open mind asking - What is in the best interest of Boulder.” —TK Smith

“Bob sends out an email every month that details City Council agendas, and his thoughts associated with every matter that is discussed. He takes his position as a council member seriously and contributes fresh ideas and meaningful commentary that could be very beneficial to the future of Boulder.” —Jamie St. John

“1. His Boulder Bulletin 2. His decision making process - data/facts driven, logical, rational, dogma-free 3. His engagement with the community. 4. I may not always agree with him (I usually do) but I understand the rationale for his decisions. Because he actually explains his rationale.” —Mark Riley

“Bob is a smart, thoughtful, open councilman who does his homework. As far as I know, he is the only member who circulates a newsletter update, which I greatly appreciate.” —James Murphy

“Bob communicates with our community, listens, and explains why he chooses his positions on city issues. While I don't agree with all of those positions, I appreciate his openness and thoughtfulness.” —Matt Cohn

“I support Bob Yates because agreeing with him is not a requirement. He is responsive, transparent and works hard to get his message out to the community.” —Mark Villarreal

“I support Bob for City Council because of his well researched, reasoned and rational opinions on a host of important city issues including housing. transportation, municipalization and the environment.” —William Stoehr

“Bob bases his decisions on facts. Boulder needs reality checks.” —Peter Copeland

“Really communicates his views on critical issues; and I seem to agree with many of his positions.” —Douglas Sparks

“Bob has a forward 21st Century vision that drives his active, pragmatic style. He is not afraid of questioning past plans that have languished, failed, or become counterproductive. In particular, Bob understands that staff has a limited bandwidth and the city a finite budget He continues to focus on getting day to day services as number one priority for council. Especially now, I support Bob for Boulder City Council.” —Denny McCloskey

“Bob has always focussed on being transparent and makes evidenced based decisions. His approach to council sets a high bar for all council members as he is always prepared and informed.” —Matt Benjamin

“He always seems to use data and rational thinking to come to his decisions and he’s very proactive in sharing that information with the community about every decision he makes.” —Marcus Popetz

“He has prudent approaches to the issues facing City of Boulder. I appreciate that he does not get swept-up in the political aspects of the City.” —Dan Johnson

“I endorse Bob because he has been open and transparent about his work on city council. I have learned a lot about the city through his regular email newsletters, and I appreciate hearing Bob share his thoughts and analysis on why he votes the way he does. I also endorse Bob for his staunch support of the LGBTQ+ community, including his role in helping make Rainbows Over Pearl a reality this summer. On balance, I think Bob's representation has been thoughtful, even-handed, and fair — so I continue trusting him to serve on our city council.” —Jack Ganse

“Excellent leadership and communication of his thinking.” —Darryl Brown

“I think Bob is fair and balanced. His perspective on issues are rational, reasonable and realistic.” —Andy James

“Bob seems willing to support more housing in Boulder, more affordable housing in Boulder, and more compact land use patterns. He seems willing to reform outdated single-family zoning regulations and parking minimums. And he seems to be interested in creating a higher quality city by working to make people happy, rather than cars.” —Dom Nozzi

“A strong voice of reason and much needed common sense.” —Scott Martin

“Bob's commitment, passion and dedication toward making Boulder a more enjoyable and livable place stands as a reminder to all of us to aspire for these goals and acts as a reminder to be grateful to all those who give of there time and efforts toward civic responsibility.” —Ed Mills

“Bob's approach to the Boulder City Council has been one of balance and therefore it has provided presentation for a diversity of opinion. Bob has chosen to speak and vote using fact-based arguments, an approach I highly value!” —Pete Lorenzen

“Bob listens to my comments and we agree about the disadvantages of continuing to pursue the Boulder municipal utility. we don't always agree on everything else, but that's OK.” —Neil Kolwey

“Bob has a well reasoned analytical approach to his decision making. Also, Bob is a strong supporter of our Convention and Visitor Bureau and the vibrant tourism economy that is so beneficial to all residents and workers in Boulder.” —Bob Trotter

“He is an independent thinker.” —Dave Shade

“Bob continues to show he prioritizes current Boulder residences.” —Josh Ritzer

“Broad community perspective and genuine awareness of neighborhood concerns.” —Chuck Bellock

“While I don't always agree with you on your positions, I always appreciate the thought you put into them and the underlying logic. I especially appreciate your fiscal conservatism and opposition to municipalization.” —Jim Illg

“Bob has a reasoned, informed approach to serving the residents of the City of Boulder on the city council. He strikes a wonderful balance between holding to the values that make Boulder what it is and not doing so blindly, but investigates every issue on its own merits.” —Michael Hedgpath

“Because I like him!” —Jeff Salzman

“Calm thoughtful approach to issues. He supports safety measures for bicycles.” —Jack Imig

“Bob is a strong supporter of making our streets safer and more livable for all. I appreciate Bob's thoughtful consideration and clear writing on local issues through his Boulder Bulletins. They have helped me better understand taxes and TABOR, Muni efforts, and more.” —Brent Halsey

“Bob is a council member who genuinely wants to communicate with the people of Boulder to understand their opinions about issues that concern all of us.” —Doug Williams

“Thoughtful leadership” —Tim Ryan

“"I agree with Bob on the issues. I also like the way he shares his thoughts with his constituents, not only at election time but on a regular basis thru-out his term.” —Rich Nehls

“Bob provides thorough, thoughtful analysis of policies that the City of Boulder is considering, or actively implementing. It is crucial to have his pragmatic assessments of what's working and how city programs are actually achieving goals (or not). His style is constructive, sincere and informed. Having his perspective on what's really happening in Boulder's city departments vs. simply "what should be" is refreshing and lends a realism to the City Council's collective voice.” —Dan Powers

“Bob seems to have common sense and is not antagonistic when it comes to business interests in the city.” —Phil Day